With the MT4 IA-Markets, reach excellence in the execution of your trades

As a novice in the currency market, it is difficult to be absolutely certain of having chosen the right trading platform. MT4 is certainly the most popular platform among individual investors.
IA-Markets agrees on the reliability and competitiveness of the most acclaimed market platform: MT4
Here is our detailed data sheet Meta Trader 4

Operating MT4

• MT4 was launched by the developer Metaquotes Software Corp. in 2005.
This platform has been adopted to date by more than 350 brokers who recognize many advantages.

• MT4 is a free download and a few minutes on PC and Smartphone.
It is ideal for Forex or CFDs.

• MT4 is in the form of a single window; in addition, it is fully customizable by users:

to. All graphics can be displayed simultaneously. In addition, it is possible to set these graphs based on the indicators of interest and a given time.

b. Through the window “Browser”, you have direct access to indicators, Expert Advisors and all available scripts. Moreover, through this same window, you can, if you wish, go from one trading account to another.

c. Thanks to the “Market Watch”, you have the option to view all tradable products in the form of a chart. Also possibility to spend a trading order.

• Finally, even if these functions are used less, know that you can test the Expert Advisors, view the history of trading and other trading data.

MT4 Benefits

• This platform is fully customizable and perfectly suits your needs.
• Since most brokers have opted for MT4 solution, even if you decide to change your broker, you’re likely to find the MT4 platform with your new broker and therefore not to change your trading habits.
• Integration under MT4 is such that it encompasses that of Expert Advisors but also any programs you have developed yourself.

Limits MT4

Although this platform is by far the most acclaimed, it has some disadvantages, with the appearance of its new version (Meta Trader 5) will probably ancient history!
• Graphics Handling little easier.
• Inability to place Stop / Limit order at the time of passage.
• Small slow order execution.
• Graphics unattractive.
These few drawbacks do not detract from the unique ability of this platform remains the must in the matter.