Must Forex Indicators

Currency market indicators are numerous and very helpful in guiding the direction of your transactions. IA-Markets, discusses these key indicators of the exchange market:

The trade balance: Published monthly by all the countries of the world, the trade balance is used to calculate the difference in value between imports and exports of a country. When the value of exports is greater than imports, the trade balance is called “surplus”. Otherwise, value of higher imports than exports, the trade balance is called “deficit.” His study and analysis can anticipate in the foreign exchange market, the evolution upwards or downwards currencies.

The balance of payments shows accurately the financial situation of a country and the stability of its currency.

The current account balance: Published on a quarterly basis, the current account balance reveals the figures for exports and imports. Real measurement indicator of international trade in a country level, it accurately describes trends in foreign trade.
The Consumer confidence (Consumer Confidence) weekly economic calendars published in the form of statistics, this indicator measures the feeling and perception of a sample of the population about the conditions of employment and income. When this statistic brand increased or prolonged decline in its curve, it can be an important sign of either an acceleration of economic growth (Statistical up) or slowing it (Statistical falling).

Household consumption: This is a reflection of the economic health of a country. Published quarterly, the sales volume of monthly information helps provide important and basic information on the level of household consumption.

Orders for durable goods:Excellent indicator of future activity in the manufacturing sector, guide confirmed business investment, it allows to evaluate and measure the durable goods orders, addressed to the manufacturing sector.